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Friday, December 5, 2014

[Fireside Chat] Building Korea’s Startup Ecosystem by Up Global

Building Korea’s Startup Ecosystem
Maru 180 B1 Event Hall (Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-ro 180, Seoul, Korea)
December 5, 2014 (Fri) 15:30~17:00
William Fitzgerald, Google
Joon Oh, MangoPlate / Startup Grind
Mike Orgill, Airbnb
Mark Tetto, The Ventures
Up Global (consolidated org from Startup Weekend and Startup America)
listen to insights to build holistic view on how startup ecosystem works, which I believe eventually help me to provide quality QA due to understanding big pictures of startups and their community

  1. lesson:
    1. William Fitzgerald, Google
      1. attend Startup Weekend to fail fast and start new things with massive actions
        1. Talent: diverse assets (e.g. gender, nationality)
        2. Density: collection of resources physically located close to each other
        3. Culture: entrepreneurism is considered as positive
        4. Capital: multiple choices to get funds
        5. Regulatory Environment: cooperative government
      2. strategic adjustment: use suitable platforms to serve locales e.g. Park Here (changed map platform from Naver to Google Maps to serve countries other than Korea)
      3. use Google for Entrepreneurs: e.g. take advantage of Startup Grind
    2. Joon Oh, MangoPlate/Startup Grind
      1. be open about failures by sharing them with other entrepreneurs
    3. Mike Orgill, Airbnb
      1. learn how companies can comply with governments
      2. don’t mess up with culture and make the culture scalable
    4. Mark Tetto, The Ventures
      1. for any startups, each hour spent creates a big difference; thus, work hard and try new things as much as you can
      2. check business ideas with other people before quitting jobs

  1. personal takeaway
    1. take actions. massive actions. get involved with start-up events now
    2. refrain from hiring Korean anchors for moderators
    3. remove distractions: e.g. get rid of “cameramen,” check microphone before events