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Friday, October 11, 2013

[Personal UX/UI review] Korean design, rice pack seal, McDonald's doorand trash can

Positive: using Korean alphabets to create beautiful consumer products

Issue: no intuitive way to know how to open rice pack

Solution: follow people's mental models by imitating other common tearing solutions with popular FMCG products 

Lesson: we often hear differentiate, differentiate and differentiate your products from others; however, copying the best practices may not necessarily a bad thing

Issue: people accidentally bumped into this glass without knowing that the glass is not a door at least once in every hour of my sitting

Solution: put some ads or visual stuff to cover so that from afar people can perceive the glass not as a door or path 

Issue: I don't know where to put my trash separately

Solution: display a visual key by adding a territory sign e.g. plastic cup, mug cup, water dispensing area

Lesson: make customers' last journey or touch point of their store visit a pleasant memory by intuitively guiding them with stress-free design