Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[productivity: my takeaway] after watching "Manage your time like a Google Pro | Calendar | The Apps Show"

post from Google Apps for Work:
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2 things I learned:
1. The Weekly Pulse - research result: "Energy starts low on Monday when you come out of the weekend and it peaks on Tuesday and Wednesday and it comes back down through the end of the week." - actionable example: on Mondays, plan week and set goals for the week; on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, make time for creative and GTD; on Thursdays, reach agreement with people (e.g., 1:1's, meetings for consensus); on Fridays, write expense reports, purchase orders, and attend compliance training 2. Description and Meeting Notes Attachment - Description: add "OWNER: (who will lead this meeting?)", "TYPE: (decision/1:1/informal catch up/etc.)", and "PURPOSE: (what's the goal or outcome? is any prep required?)" - Meeting Notes: "date of the meeting," "thoughts from the team (things attendees want to mention)", and "updates (room for updates or collaboration efforts that people are working on)"