Friday, July 31, 2015

[todo] take advantage of text, image, sound, and video recognition technology!

In my future development of apps, I may be able to implement combination of text, image, sound, and video recognition technology to improve the apps understand users' context.

Hope the showcase of text and video recognition technology from F8 conference this March can come out as API/SDK sometime soon.

In the meantime, learned available APIs/SDKs like below.

For creating a useful web service, I need to dig deeper into mashup!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

[lesson] what I learned after watching "Stephen Key: 'One Simple Idea for Startups', Talks at Google"

1. idea to market process: find a pain point and have a solution -> file for provisional patent -> call companies -> sale sheet with rough prototype -> meet with them

2. for one year perceived ownership of my idea, consider filing for USPTO's provisional patent under 125 USD

3. play game for idea generation
(1) material change
(2) put it upside down
(3) mix and match 
(4) ask what if
(5) solve it
(6) go to inspiration spot (shower, movie, mall, nature)

4. When to license or start a company?
(1) Can my product be made at a price?
(2) Does it have a wow factor?
(3) Can I describe it in one sentence?
(4) What is the market size?

[lesson] what I learned from watching "7 Things I Learned At Google And Every Startup Should Copy"

1. ask "why not"? ... not "why!"
- e.g. why not break the rules? why not all of Europe instead of 10

2. No opinions, just data! 
- e.g. A/B testing

3. There's no such thing as over-communication
- e.g. make most information open -> people will trust you

4. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission
- e.g. Uber; ask why not?

5. Hire for the company, not for the job
- e.g. build culture that lasts; technology changes; hire people for solving problems

6. Give a license to dream
- e.g. 20% 

7. Think money last and users first
- e.g. if users are satisfied, they will come back; build cash register early; think how you will be making money from day one