Friday, June 20, 2014

[lecture] 글로벌 SW 제품의 성공 조건”<-(translation) Success requirements of software products for global markets

글로벌 SW 제품의 성공 조건
-       (translation) Success requirements of software products for global markets
KAIST Dogok Software Grad School Chin’s AMP Hall 103-ho
June 5, 2014 5PM~7PM
차상균서울대 전기정보공학부 교수 (translation) Sang Kyun Cha; Professor at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SNU
KAIST Software Graduate Program
disruptive technology

I.       Message
1.       Need to work on disruptive innovation changing the paradigm of markets instead of mere innovation
2.       Difference between dreamers and visionaries
1)      Visionaries can create a roadmap with successful historical background
2)      Dreamers just imagine big with no actions
3.       Strategists vs. sales people
1)      Strategists: Search for customer requirements
4.       Innovator’s Dilemma: Change in fundamentals in technology can disrupt the game of market
1)      Definition of innovation: Changing the current world
2)      Action item: Predict the unforeseen future and its requirements and prepare
5.       Crossing the Chasm by Geoff Moore [book: link]
6.       c.f. SAP was founded in 1972

II.      Takeaway

1.       Take actions in developing on disruptive technologies