Saturday, December 20, 2014

[lesson] 힐링캠프, 기쁘지 아니한가 161회 물음특집 2탄 - 김봉진 대표, 김영하 작가 편 (translation: Healing Camp #161)

video source: link
lessons I learned when watching Healing Camp #161

tips on how to approach investors
  1. clearly explain identity of your service
  2. first, know the most important metrics for your service; then, through the metrics, explain how your service gets to grow consistently while meeting your service goal
  3. view investors as people to learn from instead of people to take advantage of; interact with them to gain lessons

general tips in life
  1. begin everything (e.g. especially your work) in life by defining what it is
  2. shoot for growth not success